Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Pope in Turkey

Surely the Catholic blogosphere is abuzz with Benedict's trip to Turkey. The mainstream media is likewise watching every nonce of every word, hoping for either a controversial mistake or a politically correct apology for calling Islam to terms for thier actions.
One fact seldom if mentioned at all on the mainstream media is the Turkish government's systematic program to destroy the Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople by closing their only seminary in the 1970's and preventing Orthodox clergy ordained outside Turkey from legally working there. Their goal is the eventual termination of the Patriarchate through attrition.
If Turkey wants to join the European Union it is time for Christians in Europe to demand that reopening of the seminary and reasonable working visa policies for foreign clergy be established, as a condition of entry.
That and lots of prayer. The Orthodox church has both apostolic succession and valid sacraments. Though there are issues between Rome and Constantinople, they are not of such a magnitude that we should wish their primary patriarchate to join those of Revelations in extinction. We should pray for the Holy Spirit to guide the patriarchate to safety and full reunification with the Roman Church.

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