Friday, January 22, 2010

Is America a Christian Country?

Last April America's president stated in a speech given in the principally Islamic nation of Turkey, "America is not a Christian nation." This is a statement for which Barack Obama took a lot of heat, from conservatives, from Christians and even from some Democrats.
Though I personally disagree with Mr. Obama on almost everything this particular statement is one to which I must reluctantly agree. How can that be, you might ask? The United States was founded on Christian principals. The Declaration of Independence appeals to the Creator and natural law for the authority to throw off the bonds of tyranny. Freedom of Religion is enshrined in our Constitution. 76% of Americans identify themselves as Christian.
To that I would say:
How can any nation which allows over one million innocent babies to be murdered a year call itself a Christian Nation?
50 million abortions since Roe v. Wade made abortion the law of the land. To bring that number in perspective 50 million people is the combined populations of the states of California and New York. It is the population of the Union of South Africa, and greater than the population of Spain. It is nearly the population of Canada and Australia put together. It is nearly the number of people killed in every country which participated in WWII. It is greater than the number of people killed by Hitler and Stalin put together.
It is a carnage which is so great that it is in truth beyond normal human comprehension. A moral stench that is truly sickening and that will condemn us all in the minds of our descendants, when finally this Satanic inspired travesty is finally recognized for what it is and is banned as the crime against humanity which it is.
So today when we congratulate ourselves that 300,000 people have descended on Washington to speak out for life, to once again be ignored by the Supreme Court, Congress, the White House and most of the Main Stream Media, we should remember more children died in the first six months after Roe v. Wade became law than will stand in the cold in D.C. today.
It is sobering thought. I pray that God can forgive our nation, else we are surely doomed.