Sunday, November 12, 2006

Life Teen

Awesome Life Teen tonight. The deep spirituality and prayerfulness of our kids never fails to both surprise and comfort me. Our speaker spoke on the Beatitudes and Matthew 25:31.
We did a short Adoration. Our Youth Minister, who is an Extraordinary Minister of Communion, exposed the host. Father had another engagement, so no benediction. It was reverent. At the youth mass this morning we asked the members of the parish to write something they wanted the youth to pray for on a slip of paper and a number of youths picked one of these slips from a basket. They were to pray for each intention this week.
We hold adoration at least once a month, followed by XLT, but naturally the usual suspects attend. Doing adoration as part of Life Teen exposed (pardon the pun) a larger group who never attend adoration regularly. Father has promised to fit another one in when he is available, so benediction can be done.
I think our youth program is fairly successful. We get about 75-100 participants each week. Next week:The Holy Spirit.

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