Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Basilian Father Thomas M. Rosica writes about
a new documentary, produced in part by the Knights of Columbus, which takes viewers on a spiritual pilgrimage to meet some of the Church’s most beloved holy men and women.
In his piece Fr. Rosica says:
Some voices within the Church criticize John Paul II for naming so many saints and blesseds. I disagree with those voices, especially after many years of working with young people. Today’s youth have a desperate need for real heroes and heroines, models and witnesses of faith and virtue that the world of sports and popular culture cannot provide.
In his piece he writes of a pilgrimage with a group of Canadian students after World Youth Day through Europe to discover the places where some of these saints lived.
The Knights of Columbus have produced a video documentary on the lives of some of these heroes, Saints: Gospel Artists. To purchase a copy visit the Salt and Light online boutique at or call 1-888-302-7181.

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