Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Catechist Formation

I might have mentioned, or perhaps not, that the Diocese of Richmond is involved in certification of Catechists throughout the diocese. The certification consists, at the most basic level, of filling out a form Pathways for Catechist Formation. Completing the form requires watching about six hours of video and reading a number of booklets and articles. The books are put out by the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership.
The set is long on process and short on Catechetical fact. It seems mostly concerned with the kinds of information I learned in my classroom management class and not terribly concerned with checking the catechists knowledge of Church teaching.
I suppose this is only natural. It is aimed primarily at volunteer catechists, most of who have no teaching experience. It appears the course counts on the professional Youth Minister and Pastor to ensure orthodox materials are used in actually teaching the children and youth.
There are higher levels of certification. I'll post about their content when I get to them.

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