Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. I expect I won't be posting tomorrow or on Monday. A Monday Christmas means that I get a couple more days off since the national lab I work at is in shutdown. Were Christmas on Tuesday this year I would have had to work through the weekend.
So tomorrow the Advent Wreath gets put away and Baby Jesus joins the rest of the figures in the Nativity set.
It also means that I get to attend Mass on both Sunday morning and Sunday night. What? Thought you could double dip this year? Jimmy Akin explains on his blog.
The Church I attend typically has three evening Masses on Christmas Eve. There is a Children's Mass at 5:00. A Youth Mass at 9:00 pm and typically a Midnight Mass too. I haven't seen this year's schedule yet. I'll check the bulletin at 9:30 am Mass tomorrow. We generally have three Masses on Sunday, and a Saturday evening Mass too. With the Christmas morning Mass this would be eight Masses in less than two days for one priest. Quite apart from the norms, which I believe would prohibit that without permission from the bishop, it would be a fairly grueling schedule for father. I suspect at least one Mass will be canceled, probably the Youth Mass or Midnight Mass.

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