Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas update

Really didn't think I'd have time today, but I The 11:30 regular Mass was canceled today, reducing father's Mass load to a mere seven Masses in two days. He's asked a retired priest to cover a few daily Masses this week, so he can take a day off. No one to help with the Christmas Masses though. He was upbeat about it, but I know he'll be tired tomorrow. Being able to celebrate Mass must be wonderful, but father is only a few years away from retirement and is not as healthy as he once was.
Sure enough 9:30 Mass was a little lighter than usual, especially considering there was no 11:30 Mass. I mentioned it to one of our teens, who had also noticed. He knew the difference between Advent and Christmas vigil Mass. Too bad some of his elders are not so knowledgeable.
I'll go to the 9:00 pm Mass for two reasons. One is it is the youth Mass and I expect to see a lot of our teens and their parents there, The second is that the midnight Mass is likely to be full of two Mass a year "Catholics" who will ensure that any regular attendee will have to arrive early just to get a seat. A couple of years ago my son and I ended up having to sit out in the common area because all of the pews were full. I wouldn't mind if I thought it would bring them in every week, but we won't see any of them again until Easter Sunday. Maybe a few prayers would be in order to grant them the grace to return full time.
Well again Merry Christmas.

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