Saturday, April 17, 2010

Don't be bitter.

Catholic Exchange has an articel that gives a bit of perspective to the Church's latest problems.

Better than Bitter

I have to say it is very easy to get disheartened at all of the slop that is being shoveled on the Church and our great German Shepherd. Sometimes those of us who work in lay ministries in the Church face challenges from our families, friends and neighbors for our continued faithfulness to the Church.

I would say the historical perspective mention in the article is very important. I love my country. I hope for it a long history, but I know intellectually that it is unlikely in the best of circumstances to last for hundreds and hundreds of years into the future, let alone thousands. I also know that, barring the second coming, in that time that the Church of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church, will still be, in that future. I suspect when English is a language barely recognizable, that Latin will still be chanted, perhaps mixed with a dialect of some modern language I would not dare to name, at a Mass which will still reach its high point when the words are uttered: Hoc est enim Corpus meum, For this is my body.
So don't let the troubles of the day distract your soul from the message of eternity. This too will pass.

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