Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We are at the very beginning of a Scriptural study which is based on Salvation History. Catholics do not, generally know Scripture as well as our Protestant brothers and sisters. This is even true of those who are well catechized, themselves a small minority.
One of the interesting thing about Scripture is that it has many layers. I have in the past compared it to an Onion (and an Ogre, for you Shrek fans.) This property is called Compenetration. Compenetration refers to the fact that biblical prophecy frequently has an immediate fulfillment while simultaneously having a more ultimate meaning as well. It is valid for the time in which it was written and for the here and now, often also having a part in the description of Salvation History.
Don't you just love learning a new word?

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thank you Mr. Pencil. I needed this comment on Compenatration. Most people i meet in bible study have so limited a view of prophecy it scares me. so I quietly bring to attention principles of how to study Bible properly. This time I printed your copy off and will hand it to the lady if she is back tonight.
you've also got me back into bible study ... I needed this Peter