Monday, November 26, 2007

More on stem cells

Reports from the Weekly Standard state that several groups working independently have managed to turn adult cells into embryonic stem cells, without having to use babies, human eggs, or other morally indefensible techniques. It seems that America's President, who supported research on such techniques all along, instead of the unproven and ethically unsupportable use of stem cells from aborted human babies, was right.
Have no doubt some supporters of embryonic stem cell research will fight tooth and nail to continue their research, even in the face of evidence that it is scientifically unnecessary as well as morally bankrupt. Most competent scientists will look at what the research has shown and abandon this line of work. Of course morally ethical scientists will have been working on this alternate process or another field of research all along. Thank God that He has rewarded their efforts so quickly. And may he bless those who have stood the line against the used of embryonic stem cells from the unborn.

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