Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mision Trip 2

Just returned from an awesome mission tip . Thanks o the participation of almost seventy adults, young adults and teens we were able to be the feet and hands of Christ for six families, all of whom were in dire need of help.
We painted rooms, repaired roofs, built handicap ramps and even demolished and rebuilt a room extension. We also prayed, did daily praise and worship, and conducted a retreat when we were not working. We also did minor repairs around the Catholic Church which was our headquarters.
I was so prod of our teens, who worked long hours without complaint, to the probable astonishment of the parent/chaperones , who no doubt have difficulty getting them to even clean their rooms (if my experience is typical.)
One team spent two days building a trench so that a house whose foundations were sagging could be jacked up and its foundation repaired. Other teams spent hours removing trash from a number of homes. One spent days helping the owners deal with a major pest infestation. All followed the advice of St. Francis, and preached the Gospel through their actions instead of their words.

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