Thursday, June 28, 2007

Liturgy of the Hours 2

Last week I gave a quick and dirty overview of using Christian Prayer to pray Liturgy of the Hours. There is a shorter (and cheaper) volume that allows an individual to participate in this continuing prayer of the Church. It is called fittingly enough Shorter Christian Prayer. It is available for about US$15.00 online or at many Catholic bookstores.
Shorter Christian Prayer contains the four week Psalter used for Morning and Evening prayer, a selection of the Proper of Seasons and and the week of Night Prayer readings. It is much simpler to pray than the multi volume Liturgy of the Hours or even the Christian Prayer single volume. It is small enough to slip into your backpack or messenger bag ne attache case and carry with you.
Like the larger Christian Prayer it does benifit from being kept in a bible cover if you primarily lug it around every day. I found a cover at Barnes & Noble which fit my Christian Prayer book perfectly. They also had thinner covers meant for paperbacks that should accomodate the Shorter Christian Prayer book. I suspect many Christian or Catholic bookstores would also have them, though you are likely to pay a bit more.

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