Thursday, April 19, 2007

Virginia Tech

As it says in my profile I live in Virginia in the Diocese of Richmond. And yes I know young people at Virginia Tech. None, thank God, who were either hurt or present at Monday's shootings. We will be holding a prayer service on Sunday evening in place of our usual Life Teen activities.
I pray for the students, both living and dead, their parents and the parents of the killer. I should be more charitable and extend prayers for the disturbed young man who carried out these acts, but I'm not that far enough along my journey to be like my savior yet.
The young man was disturb, obviously. But many people are disturb. many people are angry, and do not kill perfect strangers because of it. I believe Satan's hand is in this, as it is so much in things that we modern westerns Christians refuse to acknowledge because we fear our secular friends would thinks us superstious or simple minded.
It is Satan's greatest feat, convincing the modern secular world that he does not exist. But he does, and this week he visited Blacksburg.

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