Thursday, February 22, 2007

Songs for Adoration

At the request of a reader some songs we use at Adoration. Let me say first that we observe Adoration in the framework of XLT. So an XLT typically goes like this:
1. A prayer to start, by one of the group of XLT singer/musicians.
2. Two to four songs.
3. A teaching talk, sometimes a witness talk by one of the older youth. sometimes a talk by a visiting priest or deacon or one of the adult/youth catechaical core.
4. A recorded meditation song/video.
5. Adoration consisting of:
a. Reverent music.
b. A period of silent Adoration.
c. Benediction.
d. Reverent music.
e. The end of Adoration.
6. Wrap-up songs.

Our neighboring parish follows pretty much the same format except they always do the Tantum Ergo (I practice I wish we followed.)

So normally in part 1 we do upbeat stuff like:
Come, Now is the Time to Worship
Blessed be You Name
Better is one day
Open My Eyes
Your Grace is Enough
Our God is an Awesome God
I Will Worship

5a & 5d
Frangrance Song
Hail Mary
My Glorious
The Heart of Worship
Your Love is Extravagent
Here I Come to Worship

Big House
Go Make a Difference

Yes a lot of it is from OCP's Spirit & Song.


Youth Minister said...


Youth Minister said...

This is my dilemma/concern.

Kids in youth programs get used to this type of adoration and when they go, that if they go, to adoration during normal parish times they see something much different and think it is boring. I have done adoration your way with kids many times but the above statement is what I have seen. How do you make that transition for the kids? Also, this type of adoration there is always something going on (being entertained) and not sitting in silence teaching them to listen. It is difficult to listen to the Lord when so much is going on. Finally, I’m not condemning the way you have adoration but this has been a struggle for me.

Below is a link to USSCB for the format/examples for adoration/holy hours.

TerryC said...

If I didn't continually find our kids sitting in the Blessed Sacrament chapel, spending time with Jesus I'd be concerned too.
We have adoration the first Thursday of every month. XLT does not seem to prevent some of our kids from spending time with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament chapel before XLT, or even spending time with Jesus when he is in the tabernacle.
During XLT we always have a period of silence, Last year we had a visiting priest preside. He shortened the period of silence. Afterward a couple of the kids came up to me and asked why he was in such a hurry!.
In truth none of this has anything to do with adoration itself and much more to do with the kids, and their spiritual maturity. Those who spend time in prayer every day and with Jesus in the tabernacle have no difficulty sitting for an hour before the Real Presence. Those who are only there for the music and the socialization can't make the transitition.
How do you make one kind of kid into the other? I wish I knew. Example is one way I guess. When a ninth grader sees a twelfth grader genuflect as they enter the Blessed Sacrament chapel and knell in prayer before the tabernacle it does more than anything I could say.

Youth Minister said...

Good enough. Thanks!